Caring Dads

Caring Dads delivers specialized group counselling to fathers who are at risk of abusing, or have abused their children, or who have physically or emotionally abused their children’s mother. The goals of the program aim to support healthy father/child interaction and create healthy strategies for men to interact with the mother of the child. The group runs 2 hours weekly over 17 weeks. 


Group topics include…

  • Building relationships with your children and child-centered fathering
  • Stages of child development – what to expect
  • Working together with children’s mothers
  • Problem solving in difficult situations and managing frustration
  • Rebuilding trust and healing within the family



What happens when you are referred, call or come in?

An intake appointment will be arranged/scheduled with you. During your appointment expect to answer some personal questions that include details about why you want to attend the Caring Dads program.

Men who are referred are sent an invitation letter via the mail with a specific start date/time. Referees are expected to call and confirm a spot in the Caring Dad’s program. An intake is completed during the first group session. This program is on a sliding scale fee for service.