Chatham-Kent Police Service Supports Movember + Changing Ways

Chatham-Kent police officers from D platoon raised $1,380 for Changing Ways. Photo: CKPS.

Chatham-Kent police officers from D platoon raised $1,380 for Changing Ways. Photo: CKPS.

During the month of November, members of the Chatham-Kent Police Service grew facial hair in support of Movember to raise awareness of men’s health issues. Not only did they Grow Mo’s, but officers from D platoon raised $1,380 for Changing Ways in Chatham.

Changing Ways supports men to stop their abusive behaviour in their relationships, and challenges them to take an active role in preventing woman abuse. The agency is a model in the larger community, working in partnership with others who are committed to ending violence against women.

Through public education and community leadership, Changing Ways has taken a leadership role in engaging men to take responsibility in their relationships, and to work in partnership with other violence against women organizations to create safe homes and safe communities.

Changing Ways offers programs for men and women.

Men’s programs include:
– Partner Assault Response Program (PAR)
– Men’s Voluntary Support & Accountability Program
– Caring Dads Program

Women’s programs include:
– Women’s Intervention & Support Program (PAR)
– Victim/Partner Contact Services

This donation will assist Changing Ways with offering ‘Voluntary Support & Accountability Programming’ in Chatham Kent, which is currently not a funded program.

The Voluntary Program delivers specialized group counselling to clients who wish to address issues of domestic violence. This program provides individuals with an opportunity to examine their beliefs and attitudes towards domestic abuse and to learn non-abusive ways of resolving conflict.

The Chatham-Kent Police Service and Changing Ways are committed to men’s health as well as the health of women and children in the community by promoting healthy relationships.

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